Once Upon A Dream

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora Briar Rose

Hello lovelies! Many of you recognize me as Aurora and I just arrived in Storybrooke. I am a lost little girl yet i refuse to give up. I was a victim of the sleeping curse only to be awaken by my true love. I was tricked into pricking my finger on a needle of a spindle thus falling into a deep sleep. For Almost 30 years I have been asleep frozen in time until time started up again. After arriving in Storybrooke, I given me the opportunity to love again. I now live with my beloved Killian and sweet puppy Barnacle. We go on about trying to adjust to this new world living life one step at a time.

 Rose Petals

Int: the Apartment

*slowly aurora got out of bed and then helped Killian. Slowly they made their way to the kitchen for some breakfast. She still a bit drained from yesterday’s events but put on a smile for him* what shall we have?